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Elderly Kenner Couple In Critical Condition After 16-Year-Old Boy Attacks Them With Hammer, Police Say

A 16-year-old boy, identified by relatives as Jake Randazzo, was arrested on Monday after he allegedly beat an elderly Kenner couple with a hammer before stealing their vehicle, according to the Washington Post. Officers were dispatched to the home of 89-year-old Philip Lynch and his wife, Anita, 70, at around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday after a neighbor called 911.

Brian McGregor, a spokesperson for the Kenner Police Department, stated that Anita, who was drenched in blood, walked to her neighbors’ house on Teton Street in the Woodlake subdivision and asked for help.

When police arrived at the scene, they uncovered a bloodied hammer inside of the home.

The Kenner couple was able to name their attacker before they were transported to an area hospital where they remain in critical condition, police say.

McGregor stated that Jake went to the Kenner couple’s home and asked for a ride. When Phillip rejected his request and accused the teen of previously stealing a gun from the home, Jake allegedly grabbed a hammer and began beating Philip and his wife, who tried to intervene.

It was reported that after the teen supposedly beat the elderly Kenner couple with a hammer, he fled the scene in their vehicle.

Phillip and Anita Lynch were attacked with a hammer by a 16 y/o in their Kenner home yesterday afternoon.

— Paul Murphy (@PMurphyWWL) July 10, 2017

The Kenner couple’s son stated that the suspect was not a stranger as he had done some chores for them before.

Later that day, Jake crashed the stolen vehicle in Baton Rouge where he was detained by police.

The teen confessed to beating the Kenner couple with a hammer, but he says that he acted in self-defense. After his request for a ride was rejected, Jake stated that Phillip “grabbed” him. That’s when he reached for the hammer and attacked Phillip and his wife.

McGregor stated that police officials did not believe the teen’s account of what happened at the home as Phillip is unable to walk and needs a scooter, as well as a walker to move around.

Teen beat Kenner couple with hammer, stole their car, police say

The teen was booked into the Rivarde Juvenile Detention facility in Harvey. He is now facing charges of attempted murder.

Anyone with information regarding the Kenner couple’s seemingly hammer attack is urged to contact Kenner Police Detective Nick Engler at (504) 712-2410.

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