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Zayn Malik In Shock Wheelchair Appearance, Harry Styles Compared To Jesus Christ

Zayn Malik has been photographed wheeling his way to supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s house, and the wheels were not the hot wheels you would expect, according to TMZ.

Zayn Malik showed up to his girlfriend’s pad on 4 wheels… just not the luxury wheels you’d expect.

Zayn was on his way to Gigi’s New York City pad on Saturday when a pap managed to grab the shot. Zayn’s rep has reportedly confirmed that he injured his foot.

The details of how and when the injury occurred have not been revealed.

The report notes that Malik had assistance getting into the apartment complex, which appeared to be wheelchair accessible.

He had a little help getting in the door, but it looks like the place is wheelchair accessible… so that’s good.

Zayn Malik [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Zayn Malik shocked the world when he left Simon Cowell’s big time money-making supergroup One Direction in 2015.

Zayn left in the middle of a tour, reportedly falling out with bandmate Harry Styles over his defection. Styles reportedly begged Malik to return to the tour but could not make it happen.

Zayn also left his long-time girlfriend and fiance Perrie Edwards, of girl band Little mix, around the time he quit One Direction.

Zayn took up with supermodel Gigi Hadid shortly after breaking up with Perrie. The pair have reportedly split once but got back together after a short break.

After leaving One Direction Zayn Malik disappointed some fans and former supporters by speaking out about how much he disliked his time in the band. Zayn told reporters that he never really wanted to be in One Direction and thought their music was lame and uncool.

According to Hollywood Life, “Zayn has dissed his former band countless times since he has gone solo, from calling their music “not cool” to claiming that he never wanted to be in the band in the first place. His most recent slam came in an interview with Dazed, in which Zayn said he never felt “good” or that he was treated like an “artist” when he was in One Direction. He even went on to say that he’s “free at last.” Obviously that wasn’t going to sit well with Harry!”

Harry Styles allegedly hit back, saying that Zayn shouldn’t bite the hand that fed him, and the One Direction guys will probably have to reunite and do a reunion tour in twenty years when the fandom dies down and their money runs out!

Harry thinks you shouldn’t bite the hand that fed him for so long and gave Zayn the opportunity to do what he wants to do now in his career. And he always jokes that Zayn should watch his words because ten to twenty years from now they all will probably be trying to set up a reunion tour to make money when the fandom dies out.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are said to have a rivalry [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Many media commentators have pegged Malik and Styles as the two most promising breakout stars of One Direction. Some have fanned the idea that a deep rivalry between Harry and Zayn exists to this day.

Zayn had success with his first single “Pillowtalk” and his album Mind of Mine. Harry Styles is also enjoying decent sales with his new solo material, though The Sun claims that Harry’s launch has not gone quite as he planned.

Styles has been accused of pinching a riff from another act.

An insider said, “This is the last thing Harry needed. His solo launch hasn’t quite gone to plan and this is another distraction. He takes real pride in his new material and to be accused of nicking a riff will really hurt.”

Harry Styles is still passionately celebrated in many sections of the press.

Joe has just published an article celebrating the hunk’s witticisms. The publication compiled a quiz asking readers to guess if select profound statements were made by Harry Styles, or by Jesus Christ.

Have a go, it’s trickier than you think.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]